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Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club would like to acknowledge the following sponsor of our club.

Ramsgate RSL Memorial Club
Major Sponsor of our Junior Soccer Club

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Welcome to Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club

Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club (established 1959) welcomes boys and girls, men and women from ages U6 to All Age to join our progressive, exciting and friendly club. Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club aims to provide the best possible environment for the development of individual skills and team capabilities whilst promoting enjoyment through participation and achievement.

Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club won the St George Football Association 'Fair Play' award for 2010/11 and 2012/13.

At Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club:

2017 Registrations

Registrations will be available online through www.myfootballclub.com.au after the 2nd January 2017.

Age Groups in 2017

Age group is determined by date of birth as at 1 January 2017. Use the table below to work out your age group for 2017.

Born in Age Group
2011 U6
2010 U7
2009 U8
2008 U9
2007 U10
2006 U11
2005 U12
2004 U13
2003 U14
2002 U15
2001 U16
2000 U17
1999 U18
Before 1999 All Ages including O35

Returning Players?

You are a returning player if you registered with Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club last season (2016).

  1. You will register and pay online through www.myfootballclub.com.au after the 2nd January 2017.
  2. You will only need to attend a registration day:
    1. If you are paying cash.
    2. Eligible for a Family Discount (will apply for 3 or more registered and paid players).
    3. If you require new gear, e.g. game day shorts, training kit (shirt and shorts), socks. (Playing Jersey will be handed out in late March.)
    4. All Age Student Player i.e. over 18. Please note you will NOT be approved unless you provide proof. This means you will need to turn up to a Registration Day. We will not be chasing you! Note: All Age players do not need to show identification.
    5. If you are playing in the over 35s competition, as we need to verify your birth certificate or passport including taking a photocopy.

New Players?

If you are a NEW player and have not registered to play football before, then you will need to bring the following items to the registration day:

The birth certificate/passport will be verified by a club official, a photocopy taken and the original returned to you immediately. You must bring the original document as photocopies CANNOT be accepted.

All NEW players must come to a registration day to have their photo taken, proof of age confirmed and gear, e.g. game day shorts, training kit (shirt and shorts), socks. (Playing Jersey will be handed out in late March.)

Registration Days

Saturday 14th January 10am–4pm
Saturday 21st January 12pm–4pm
Saturday 4th February 12pm–4pm
Wednesday 8th February 6pm–8pm

Team Grading/Allocation Days

The clubs belief is players will develop their skills and gain more enjoyment from the game if they are playing and training with others of similar ability. Our grading policy is an attempt to place players in a division and team that is appropriate to their skill level and interest in the game.

If a request has been made for two or three players to play together, those players will be placed in a team that matches the player with the least level of ability. Final decision lies with the grading committee alone.

We will also be asking parents to nominate for coaching and managing roles for their child’s team, if there is not one appointed already.

Further details on location and times tba.


Ramsgate RSL Soccer Club is run exclusively by volunteers. Committee Members, Coaches and Managers do not get paid. Therefore your assistance is invaluable in ensuring that your child receives a quality experience throughout the season e.g. canteen duty, set up/pack up duty etc.

Thank You to our Major Sponsor Ramsgate RSL

We encourage all parents and Senior Team players to support our major sponsor and become members of the RSL club if you have not already done so.

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Ramsgate RSL Club

The success of our club owes much to the kind and generous financial contributions of the Ramsgate RSL Club (since 1982). The future wellbeing and viability of the soccer club is reliant on this relationship continuing. For this reason we encourage all senior players to become a member of Ramsgate RSL Club. For junior players, membership of one parent is appreciated. Membership is only $8.80 per year. Application forms will be available at registration.